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Weekly Video # 1:   Nuclear Medicine and Lutetium 177 PSMA Therapies - Carmel Pezaro


Weekly Video # 2:   Body Scans for Prostate Cancer | Prostate Cancer Staging Guide

Weekly Video # 3:   Demographics of the Nocturia Patient - Jeffrey Weiss

Weekly Video # 4:   Color Doppler Ultrasound for Prostate Cancer | Prostate Cancer Staging Guide

Weekly Video # 5:    Axumin™ (Fluciclovine F 18) Injection for PET Imaging of Recurrent Prostate Cancer - Phillip Koo

Weekly Video # 6:   Genetic Evaluation and Counseling in Prostate Cancer Treatment - Interview with Heather Cheng

Weekly Video # 7:   PSMA Imaging and Theranostics: Future Impact to Patient Management– Robert Flavell

Weekly Video # 8:   All About Imaging

Weekly Video # 9:   Testosterone After Prostate Cancer Treatment | PCRI

Weekly Video # 10:   Prostate Imaging: PI-RADS, PET-MRI, and PSMA | Off The Cuff with Mark Moyad, MD

Weekly Video # 11:   Progess in Understanding Pathology of Prostate Cancer

Weekly Video # 12:   The Role of Bone Health Agents in Patients with Prostate Cancer - Tia Higano

Weekly Video # 13:   Erectile Dysfunction from Prostate Cancer Treatment | Prostate Cancer Staging Guide


Weekly Video # 14:   Laser Focal Therapy in Prostate Cancer - John Feller

Weekly Video # 15:   The Process of Metastasis in Prostate Cancer - Kenneth Pienta

Weekly Video # 16:   The Prostate Cancer Foundation: a Discussion with Andrea Miyahira

Weekly Video #17:   What we need today is a new way to detect aggressive prostate cancer, 4K Score Test

Weekly Video # 18:   Diagnostic Imaging and Therapeutic Aspect of PSMA in Prostate Cancer by Michael Hofman

Weekly Video # 19:   UroStop Device for Sexual Incontinence and Climacturia

Weekly Video # 20:    STARTAR Trial: Systemic Therapy in Salvage Setting for Prostate Cancer- Tian Zhang

Weekly Video # 21:   Dr. Drilon Discusses the FDA Approval of Larotrectinib

Weekly Video # 22:   Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction | Prostate Cancer Staging Guide

Weekly Video # 23:   Current Management of Bone Metastatic Castrate-Resistant Prostate Cancer : Panel Discussion

Weekly Video # 24:   Life-Prolonging Treatments for Advanced Prostate Cancer - Maha Hussain

Weekly Video # 25:   Role of PARP Inhibitors in Prostate Cancer - Evan Yu

Weekly Video # 26:  Side Effects of Radiation Therapy for Prostate Cancer  Prostate Cancer Staging Guide - YouTube

Weekly Video  # 27:  Molecular Imaging for Prostate Cancer Salvage Radiotherapy Planning - Jeremie Calais

Weekly Video # 28:   ProVent Trial for Newly Diagnosed Prostate Cancer - Benjamin Lowentritt

Weekly Video # 29:    Best Cancer Diet Advice from Expert, Mark Moyad, MD, MPH  2019 PCC Excerpts - YouTube

Weekly Video # 30:   A Review of Imaging Modalities in Prostate Cancer - Peter Pinto

Weekly Video # 31:   Impact of Lifestyle and Exercise on Prostate Cancer, Mark Moyad, MD, MPH  2019 PCC Excerpts - YouTube

Weekly Video # 32:   Theranostic Approaches for Advanced Prostate Cancer - Michael Hofman

Weekly Video # 33:   Disruptive Technologies in Radiology & Nuclear Medicine - Phillip Koo

Weekly Video # 34:   Circulating Tumor DNA in Metastatic Prostate Cancer

Weekly Video # 35:   Sexual Health Problems in Men with Cancer. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Weekly Video # 36:   Cancer Treatments Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Weekly Video # 37:   Sexual Health & Cancer | Erectile Dysfunction | Memorial Sloan Kettering Q&A

Weekly Video # 38:   Prostate Cancer Active Surveillance in 2019 - Sigrid V. Carlsson

Weekly Video # 39:    18F-fluciclovine PET/CT in Patients with Suspected Recurrent Prostate Cancer - Bital Savir-Baruch

Weekly Video # 40:   Bone Supportive Therapy and Radium-223 for Metastatic Prostate Cancer - Dr Tanya Dorff

Weekly Video # 41:   The Changing Therapeutic Landscape of Prostate Cancer- Nicholas Vogelzang


Weekly Video # 42:   Sex after prostate cancer: the female perspective. Live educational interview with Fiona White.

Weekly Video # 43:   Integrating Genomics into Localized Prostate Cancer - Todd Morgan and Dan Spratt


Weekly Video #44:   New hope for cancer patients: drug in clinical testing makes cancer cells self-destruct

Weekly Video #45:    Darolutamide on Pain and QoL in Patients With Nonmetastatic CRPC

Weekly Video #46:   An Introduction to the UroLift system

Weekly Video #47:   Life Expectancy with Prostate Cancer Diagnosis - Dr Scholz

Weekly Video #48:  Metformin & Prostate Cancer - Dr Mark Scholz (3 minutes 58 seconds)

Weekly Video #49:   Clinical Trials: Another Treatment Option for Patients - Tom Farrington

Weekly Video #50:    The Five Stages of Prostate Cancer  Prostate Cancer Staging Guide - Dr. Scholz

Weekly Video #51:   Molecular Genetic Testing in Prostate Cancer - Wassim Abida

Weekly Video #52:   Contemporary Sequencing in the Treatment of Prostate Cancer - Neal Shore, Alicia Morgans and Charles Ryan:

Weekly Video #53:   One Patient's Perspectives About Participating in a Randomized Clinical Trial

Weekly Video #54:   Genetic Risk in Prostate Cancer - Jacob Berchuck & Mary-Ellen Taplin

Weekly Video #55:   TITAN, TALAPRO-2 And Ongoing Clinical Trials for Prostate Cancer - Neeraj Agarwal


Weekly Video # 56:   Optimizing Care in Localized Prostate Cancer - Mary-Ellen Taplin and Adam Kibel

Weekly Video #57:   The State of the Art on Molecular Characterization of Advanced Prostate Cancer Presentation - Colin Pritchard:

Weekly Video #58:   Count Me In! The Metastatic Prostate Cancer Project - Eliezer Van Allen

Weekly Video #59:  Management of Men with PSA Recurrence After Radical Local Radiation Therapy Presentation - Felix Feng:

Weekly Video #60:  Radiation Therapy Options for Prostate Cancer - Paul Nguyen

Weekly Video #61:  Integrating Genomics and Genetics into Clinical Care for Prostate Cancer, A Pathologist's Perspective - Colin Pritchard:

Weekly Video #62:   A Study Evaluating Optimal Use of Radioactive Drugs for Prostate Cancer Therapy - Misha Beltran

Weekly Video #63:   Cancer Treatment: Why a Vegetarian Diet Helps:

Weekly Video #64:   The Management of Sexuality and Incontinence in Advanced Prostate Cancer Presentation - Inge Van Oort:

Weekly Video #65:   Which is Better - Surgery vs. Radiation for Prostate Cancer?

Weekly Video #66   Reducing Side Effects of Hormone Therapy for Prostate Cancer | Prostate Cancer Staging Guide


Weekly Video #67   Rucaparib in Patients with Metastatic Hormone-Sensitive Prostate Cancer (mHSPC) A Phase II Study - Emmanuel Antonarakis:

Weekly Video #68   The ABCs of Androgen Deprivation Therapy - 2019 Prostate Cancer Patient Conference

Weekly Video #69:   Peter Mac's Prof Michael Hofman and team win SNMMI Image of the Year 2018

Weekly Video #70:   177Lu-PSMA-617 radionuclide therapy in mCRPC

Weekly Video #71:   Gerald L. Andriole, Jr., MD, presented “Non-Invasive Molecular Imaging – Fluciclovine” during The 4th Global Summit on Precision Diagnosis and Treatment of Prostate Cancer on October 3, 2019 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Weekly Video #72:   Androgen Deprivation Therapy and the Heart

Weekly Video #73:   Radium 223 Dichloride Use in Patients with Castrate Resistant Prostate Cancer - Hossein Jadvar

Weekly Video #74:  Can you use Vacuum Erection Devices (Vacurect OTC) and Penile Injections (Trimix/Caverject)?

Weekly Video #75:   Nerve Sparing Prostatectomy with Professor Declan Murphy:

Weekly Video #76:   Non-Nerve Sparing Prostatectomy: Are erections ever possible? Professor Declan Murphy Interview:

Weekly Video #77:   What is Nerve Grafting/Regeneration Surgery? Will this help men after prostatectomy get erections?

Weekly Video #78:   Jim Allison | Unleashing The Immune System:


Weekly Video #79:   What Does Gleason 9 & 10 Mean? | Ask a Prostate Expert, Mark Scholz, MD

Weekly Video #80:   Recurrent Disease After Radiation Therapy, the Role of the Radiation Oncologist - Felix Feng and Piet Ost

Weekly Video #81:   The Live Primary Cell Phenotypic Test (LPCP) for Prostate Cancer

Weekly Video #82:   Transrectal vs Transperineal - Matthew Allaway

Weekly Video #83:    2020 ASCO-GU Prostate Cancer Update | Ask a Prostate Cancer Expert

Weekly Video #84:   State of the Art: Nutrition and Prostate Cancer  Posted by Mark A. Moyad, MD, MPH | Mar 2020

Weekly Video #85:  Prostate Cancer Foundation Coronavirus

Weekly Video #86:   Personalized Medicine in Prostate Cancer - Arpit Rao

Weekly Video #87:   New Approaches to Metastatic Hormone Sensitive Prostate Cancer  Posted by Michael S. Cookson, MD, MMHC | Mar 2020

Weekly Video #88:   PSMA PET/CT Imaging for Staging High-risk Prostate Cancer Prior to Curative-intent Surgery or Radiotherapy (proPSMA) - Michael Hofman and Declan Murphy:

Weekly Video #89:   Active Surveillance for Low-Risk Prostate Cancer - Laurence Klotz and Peter Carroll:

Weekly Video #90:   Stories of Advanced Prostate Cancer Remissions | Ask a Prostate Cancer Expert, Mark Scholz, MD:

Weekly Video #91:   The ORIOLE Trial Results Discussed: Outcomes of Observation vs SABR for Oligometastatic Prostate Cancer - Phuoc T. Tran:

Weekly Video #92:   Prolonging Overall Survival in Men with Non-metastatic Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer ARAMIS Trial - Neal Shore:

Weekly Video #93:    ARP Inhibitors Changing the Standard of Care for Treatment of Metastatic Prostate Cancer (mCRPC) - The PROfound Study:

Weekly Video #94:   PSMA PET Diagnostic Imaging in the Current Era - Jeremie Calais:

Weekly Video #95:   TheraP: 177Lu-PSMA617 Theranostic vs Cabazitaxel in Progressive Metastatic Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer (mCRPC) - Michael Hofman & Ian Davis:

Weekly Video #96:   68Ga-PSMA PET: A Novel Imaging Technique Prior to Radical Prostatectomy in Men with Intermediate or High Risk Prostate Cancer - Thomas Hope:

Weekly Video #97:   HERO Phase 3 Trial: Relugolix vs. Leuprolide Acetate for Advanced Prostate Cancer:

Weekly Video #98:   Evolving Treatment Options for Advanced Prostate Cancer – Elizabeth Wulff-Burchfield, MD:

Weekly Video #99:   Treatment Options for Advanced Prostate Cancer:

Weekly Video #100:   Treatment Strategies for Gleason 3+4=7 vs. 4+3=7 | Ask a Prostate Cancer Expert, Mark Scholz, MD

Weekly Video #101:   Hormone Therapy Basics | Ask a Prostate Cancer Expert, Mark Scholz, MD:

Weekly Video #102:   What Does Gleason 7 Mean? | Ask A Prostate Expert, Mark Scholz, MD



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