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We are an official chapter of Us-TOO International and are sponsored by Life with Cancer.  Support groups such as ours provide a forum for exchange of information and sharing experiences. The group helps each of us become more educated and therefore able to exert greater control over the disease. You will find that others DO care and the meetings are an opportunity to better deal with fear or pain as well as becoming better informed medically. We don’t offer medical advice, for that is the role of your physician.

We are here:  To help men diagnosed with prostate cancer lead healthy and productive lives by offering unbiased information, peer counseling, fellowship, and emotional support.

  • To increase public awareness of the threat of prostate cancer, and emphasize the need for men to have annual check-ups for early detection, diagnosis, and treatment.

  • To advocate for greater public and private funding for medical research into the causes of and treatments for prostate cancer.

  • To encourage open discussion about prostate cancer by men and their families. To suggest women encourage men of the need for check-ups annually or as recommended by a physician.

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