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Jim Morrissey founded our group in 1996.  We were originally a Man-to-Man Chapter sponsored by the American Cancer Society.  Jim was the leader and meeting organizer for 14 years until his passing in 2010.  He arranged doctors to attend meetings and present the latest achievements and answer questions regarding nerve-sparing radical prostatectomy, radiation, palliative care, pain management, robotic radical prostatectomy and nutrition.  In the meetings Jim provided a supportive, safe environment for men to ask questions regarding prostate cancer, treatment options, treatment side effects and how to treat the side affects.  Jim left a legacy and high standards that we follow to this day. After Jim’s passing, the Advisory Committee members shared the group leadership responsibilities for the rest of 2010 and for 2011.  Since Jim did almost all of the work managing the group, it took quite a while to determine what he did, who were his contacts and what were his processes.  Mike Terrell was the group leader for 2012 and 2013.  Rick Pariser was our leader for 2014 and 2015. In January 2015 we switched sponsorship to Life with Cancer.  As part of our ongoing support for men with prostate cancer, we arrange for guest speakers, monitor new developments and medications, and provide informative video presentations from around the world concerning prostate cancer. We are particularly helpful with our knowledge and personal experience about treatment options.  While we are not medical professionals, we collectively have a lot of experience with prostate cancer and are very willing to share our thoughts and answer questions.  Partners and caregivers are encouraged to attend.

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